Soul Inspiration 


Filipinos are known worldwide for their love and passion for quality music. Outstanding talents from the Philippines and Southeast Asia continue to dominate the global stage with artists displaying immense vocal prowess and exceptional musical abilities.

If you are searching for world-class artists, look no further because a musical duo is definitely on the “hot and rising” radar. Presenting – Soul Inspiration.

Soul Inspiration was born out of a deep longing for revival and fusion of great music regardless of genre or time period. The duo believes that every song and every piece of music is an art form that can always be improved or even made current. Music always evolves and Soul Inspiration’s part in this evolution is their ability to craft any song into a work of art because that’s what real artists do.

       Currently Performing       

St. Regis Yalong Bay 

 June 7, 2017 - April 20, 2018